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Với công nghệ điện tử như hiện nay thì nhu cầu sử dụng máy đo 2D đang phổ biến.

Hiện này công ty chúng tôi cung cấp khoảng 300 máy đo 2D của rational ở thị trường việt nam.

Chúng tôi đang làm dự phòng phụ kiện máy đo: USB-302,DC3000 , máy đo model:VMS-3020,VMS-2515,VMS-4030…

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  • Product name: Manual Video Measuring System (F series/G series)
  • Product ID: VMS-1510F/VMS-1510G/VMS-2010F/VMS-2010G/VMS-2515F/VMS-2515G/VMS-3020F/VMS-3020G/VMS-4030F/VMS-4030G, VMM-1510D, VMM-2010D, VMM-2515D, VMM-3020D, VMM-4030D


Product brief:
Used in 2D measurement as well as 3D measurement, this instrument is a high precision and high efficiency measuring machine that integrates optics, machinery and electronics. It is mainly used in the field of machinery, electronics, instrument, meter, watch, light industry, plastics as well as measuring chambers, laboratories of institutes and universities, research institutes, metrological verification departments and workshops, etc.

1. Various kinds of lighting – Meets various requirements for customers.
2. Data processing, data display, data input, and data output.
3. Pragmatic workpiece straightening feature.
4. Detects the measured workpiece’s specific location by laser indicator, which is convenient position and operate.
5. Foot-switch is matched with measuring software, which makes operation easier.


Working table Model VMS-1510G/VMS-1510F  VMS-2010G/VMS-2010F VMS-2515G/VMS-2515F VMS-3020G/VMS-3020F VMS-4030G/VMS-4030F
Metal table size (mm) 354×228 404×228 450×280 500×330 606×466
Travel (mm) 150×100 200×100 250×150 300×200 400×300
Z-axis travel (mm) 200 (can be customized to 400)
Consistency error of origin in different sections G series: E0≤30 (every 100mm displacement in Z axis);  F series: E0≤20 (every 100mm displacement in Z axis)
Linear scale resolution: 0.0005mm.    X, Y-axis indication error: (2.5+L/100)μm (L is the length of the measured object. Unit: mm)
Video system F seris G seris
1/2”color CCD camera 1/3”color CCD camera
Auto zoom lens magnification: 0.7X~4.5X Auto zoom lens magnification: 0.7X~4.5X
Magnification: 20~128X Magnification: 26.6~171X
Object view: 11.1mm~1.7m Object view: 8.1mm~1.3m
Surface lighting and transmission lighting both adopt adjustable LED
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